Week 10: HS Playoff Scenarios

This is not a comprehensive list of all scenarios. I will update if any changes, fixes and/or corrections need to be made.

That said, there are a few scenarios that may need a long explanation, but most are fairly simple and straightforward.

Below is the AAA Tiebreaker Rules for Football.



WEST – Bentonville and Bentonville West play Friday for the 1-2 seeds. Both have a 1st round bye. Fayetteville is the 3 seed and Springdale Har-Ber is the fourth seed. Springdale and Rogers play Friday for the 5-6 seeds.

CENTRAL – North Little Rock has clinched the 1 seed and a 1st round bye. Bryant and Conway meet Friday for the 2/3 seeds, with the 2 seed earning a 1st round bye. Cabot is locked in as the fourth seed.

FS Southside has clinched playoff spot and will either be the 5th or 6th seed. FS Northside, LR Catholic and LR Central all can earn a berth, but need to win and get help to get into the playoffs. On Friday, Southside will host Northside while Catholic hosts Central.

If Southside wins, the Mavs are the 5th seed while the Catholic-Central winner is the 6th seed.

If Northside wins, then whoever wins the Catholic-Central game, there will be a 3-way tie between Northside, Southside and the Catholic-Central winner. If Northside and Central wins, then Northside is 5th and Southside 6th (Northside beat both Southside and Central, then Southside beat Central).

If Northside and Catholic win, then there is perfect 3-way triangle between Northside, Southside and Catholic. Right now, Southside has 26 tiebreaker points, Northside 13, and Catholic 6. If Northside has more points than Catholic, then Northside would be 5th, and Southside (because it beat Catholic) would be 6th. However, should Catholic win by enough points to pass Northside, then Southside would be 5th and Catholic (which beat Northside) would be 6th.


EAST – Pine Bluff is the 1 seed and West Memphis is the 2 seed and Searcy is the 3 seed. Jonesboro and Marion will play Thursday for the 4/5 seeds. Jacksonville is the 6th seed.

CENTRAL – Greenwood is the 1 seed and El Dorado is the 2 seed. Benton, Russellville, Texarkana and Lake Hamilton all have clinched playoff berth and are tied at 3-3 going into Friday’s games. The games this week are Greenwood-Lake Hamilton, Benton-Sheridan, El Dorado-Texarkana, Russellville-Siloam Springs and all 4 will affect the 3-6 seeds in some way.

Three likely game outcomes would be Greenwood, Benton, Russellville and El Dorado winning. In that scenario, Benton is 3rd, Russellville 4th, Texarkana 5th and Lake Hamilton 6th. If Benton wins, it is likely 3rd seed. If Benton loses, then Russellville will be the 3rd seed with a win. Texarkana owns the tiebreaker over Lake Hamilton.


EAST – Pulaski Academy is the 1 seed and LR Christian is the 2 seed. LR McClellan has clinched a playoff berth and is the 3 seed with a win over LR Parkview. If McClellan wins, Sylvan Hills is the 4th seed with a win. If Parkview wins and Sylvan Hills loses, then Parkview is 3rd and McClellan is 4th.

A McClellan loss and Sylvan Hills win, however creates a 3-way tie between McClellan, Parkview and Sylvan Hills (with a win over Beebe). McClellan has 52 points, Parkview and Sylvan Hills each have 39 points. If Parkview has more tiebreaker points than Sylvan Hills, then Parkview is the 3rd seed and McClellan 4th. If Sylvan Hills has more points than Parkview, then McClellan is 3rd and Sylvan Hills 4th.

If Beebe beats Sylvan Hills and Parkview loses, then there is a 3-way tie for 4th between Beebe, Parkview and Sylvan Hills. In this scenario, Beebe (26 tiebreaker points) must win by 13 or more to be involved in the tiebreaker (Parkview and Sylvan Hills each have 39 points). If not, then Sylvan Hills and Parkview would settle the seed and Sylvan Hills would get the playoff bid.

EAST – The 4 playoff teams are set – Nettleton, Wynne, Batesville and Valley View. Nettleton is the 1 seed with a win. In fact, the four teams play each other this weekend – Nettleton at Wynne and Batesville at Valley View.

If Nettleton and Batesville win, then Nettleton is 1st, Batesville 2nd, Wynne 3rd and Valley View 4th.

If Nettleton and Valley View win, then Nettleton is the 1 seed and there will be a 3-way tie between Batesville (65 tie-breaker points), Valley View (52 points) and Wynne (55 points).

If Wynne and Valley View wins, Wynne is the 1 seed, Nettleton 2nd, Valley View 3rd and Batesville 4th.

If Wynne and Batesville win, then a 3-way tie between Nettleton (72), Batesville (65) and Wynne (55) exists while Valley View is 4th.  If Batesville has more tiebreaker points than Wynne, then Nettleton is 1, Batesville is 2 and Wynne is 3. If Wynne has more tiebreaker points than Batesville, then Wynne is 1, Nettleton 2 and Batesville 3.

SOUTH – Watson Chapel is the 1 seed and HS Lakeside is the 2 seed.

Camden Fairview and De Queen are 4-2 and White Hall is 3-3. If De Queen defeats White Hall, then De Queen is 3rd and Fairview 4th. If Camden Fairview beats Watson Chapel and White Hall beats De Queen, then Fairview is the 3rd seed and White Hall 4th. If White Hall wins and Camden Fairview loses, then White Hall (36 tiebreaker points), Fairview (45) and DeQueen (42) will all be 4-3 and will need the tiebreaker to settle the last two seeds. White Hall would have to win by 7 points or more to get to the first tiebreaker with Camden Fairview. In that case, Fairview would be 3rd and White Hall 4th. If White Hall does not have more points that De Queen, then De Queen will be 3rd and Fairview 4th.

WEST – Alma can clinch the 1 seed by beating Maumelle Friday.

There is also a possibility for a 4-way tie for the conference championship between Alma (53 tiebreaker points), Greenbrier (41), Harrison (40) and Morrilton (42).

If Alma, Greenbrier, Harrison and Morrilton all win, Alma is the 1 seed, Greenbrier is the 2 seed (defeated both Harrison and Morrilton), Harrison 3 (beat Morrilton) and Morrilton 4th.

Farmington could also take the fourth seed with a win over Harrison.

This week’s schedule includes Alma-Maumelle. Clarksville-Morrilton, Farmington-Harrison and Greenbrier-Vilonia.


4A-1 – Pea Ridge is the 1 seed while Prairie Grove is the 2 seed. If Gravette beats Gentry, Gravette is the 3 seed, Shiloh Christian is the 4th and Gentry is 5th. If Shiloh wins and Gravette loses to Gentry, Shiloh is 3rd, Gentry 4th, Gravette 5th.

If Shiloh Christian loses to Pea Ridge, Gentry must beat Gravette by at least five points in order to take the fourth seed, put Shiloh Christian at third and drop Gravette to fifth. If Gentry wins by less than five points, Gravette remains the third seed, then Shiloh Christian is fourth and Gentry fifth.

4A-2 – If Batesville Southside, Stuttgart, and Heber Springs all win, there will be a 3-way tie at 5-1. Stuttgart has 52 tiebreaker points while Southside has 43 and Heber Springs 32. As long as Southside wins by 3 points or more, it will be in the first tiebreak with Stuttgart, in that Southside 1, Stuttgart 2, Heber Springs 3. Should Heber Springs have more points than Southside, then Stuttgart and Heber Springs are in the first tiebreaker, making Stuttgart 1, Heber Springs 2 and Southside 3.

If Riverview wins it is the 4th seed while Helena-West Helena is 5th. If Riverview loses and Helena wins, the Helena is 4th and Riverview fifth. If Heber Springs win, Lonoke beats Riverview by 7 or more points, Lonoke is the 4th seed and Riverview is 5th.

4A-3 – Gosnell is the 1 seed, Trumann 2nd and Highland 5th. Jonesboro Westside and Pocahontas are playing Friday for the 3-4 seeds.

4A-4 – Booneville, Ozark and Dardanelle are the 1-2-3 seeds respectively. Pottsville is the 4 seed with a win while Waldron would be 5th. A Pottsville loss and Waldron win, however, would move Waldron the fourth and Pottsville fifth. If Waldron beats Dardanelle by 3 or more points, then Waldron is the 3 seed, Dardanelle 4th and Pottsville 5th.

4A-7 – Joe T. Robinson is the 1 seed while Arkadelphia is 2nd and Nashville 3rd. Ashdown is 4th with a win over Fountain Lake. If Fountain Lake wins while Malvern and Bauxite lose, then Fountain Lake is 4th and Ashdown 5th.

This week’s games – Arkadelphia-Malvern, Ashdown-Fountain Lake, Bauxite-Nashville, Robinson-Mena – will settle the 4-5 seeds as Ashdown, Malvern, Fountain Lake and Bauxite all have a chance to make the postseason. If Ashdown wins, the fifth seed comes down to the results of the Arkadelphia-Malvern and Bauxite-Nashville games.

4A-8 – Warren is the 1 seed. Dumas is the 2 seed with a win over Hamburg. If Hamburg beats Dumas, then Hamburg is 2 and Dumas is 3rd. Monticello and Star City earn playoff berths with wins Thursday. In that scenario, Monticello would be 4th and Star City 5th. If Crossett beat Star City, it would like take Star City’s playoff spot.


3A-1 – Clinton is the 1 seed while Elkins is 2nd and Melbourne is 3rd.  Yellville is 4th with a win or a Mountain View loss. Mountain View, which can be 4th with a win AND Yellville loss, is the likely 5th seed.

3A-2 – Mayflower is the 1 seed and Barton is the 2nd seed. Bald Knob is third with a win, making Harding Academy 4th and Cedar Ridge 5th. If Cedar Ridge and Harding Academy wins, there will be a 3-way tie for 3rd between Bald Knob (27 tiebreaker points), Cedar Ridge (39) and Harding Academy (26).

3A-3 – Osceola and Rivercrest will play for the top 2 seeds. Hoxie is the 3rd seed and Piggott is the 4th seed with a win. If Piggott loses and Newport wins, then Newport is the 3rd seed and Piggott 4th. If Piggott wins, then the Newport-Manila winner is the 5th seed.

3A-4 – Charleston is the 1 seed. Perryville and Atkins will play for the 2/3 seeds. Lamar and Paris are playing for the 4/5 seeds.

3A-5 – Glen Rose is the 1 seed and Prescott is the 2 seed. Benton/Haskell Harmony Grove is the third seed with a win over Horatio. If Horatio wins, then Horatio is 3rd and Harmony Grove is 4th. Right now three teams are at 2-4 and are battling for the 5th seed – Jessieville, Gurdon and Centerpoint. With Gurdon playing Glen Rose and Jessieville facing Prescott, Centerpoint has the advantage by playing Bismarck. If all 3 teams lose and finished tied at 2-5, Jessieville will earn the 5th seed thanks to tiebreakers.

3A-6 – Junction City, Fordyce, Smackover and McGehee are all in. Junction City is the 1 seed. McGehee is the 2 seed with a win over Fordyce. If McGehee wins, Smackover can be the 3 seed with a win over Genoa Central, dropping Fordyce to 4th. However, if Fordyce beats McGehee and Smackover wins, then a 3-way tie will ensue for the 2-3-4 seeds. Right now, McGehee has 65 tiebreaker points while Smackover and Fordyce has 43 each. If Fouke beats Lake Village then Fouke is the 5 seed. Genoa Central can get the 5 seed with a win and Fouke loss. If Fouke and Genoa Central lose, a 3-way tie for fifth between Fouke, Genoa Central and Lake Village. Genoa Central owns the tiebreaker and would be the fifth seed.


2A-3 – All five playoff berths are clinched – Earle, East Poinsett County, Marked Tree, Cross County and Salem. Earle is the 1 seed with a win over EPC Thursday. If Earle and Marked Tree win, Earle is 1, Marked Tree is 2 and EPC the 3 seed and Cross County 4th.

If EPC and Marked Tree win, there is a 3-way tie for 1st between Earle (65 tiebreaker points), EPC (34) and Marked Tree (52). Earle would be the 1 seed, Marked Tree 2, EPC 3 and Cross County the 4 seed.

If Earle wins and Cross County beats Marked Tree, Earle is the 1 seed and there will be a 3-way tie for second between Cross Country, EPC and Marked Tree.

Salem is locked in as the five seed.

2A-4 – Danville is the 1 seed, Mountainburg 2nd, Hackett is 3rd, and Lavaca is 4th. The Magazine-Western Yell County winner is the 5th seed.

2A-5 – Magnet Cove, Hector and Conway Christian are likely in a 3-way tie at 6-1. Conway Christian has 51 tie-breaker points, Magnet Cove has 42 and Hector has 53. Poyen and England will play for the 4/5 seeds.

2A-6 – Hazen is the 1 seed with a win. If Hazen and McCrory win, then Hazen is the 1 seed, McCrory is the 2 seed and Palestine-Wheatley 3rd. If Hazen loses to Palestine-Wheatley and McCrory loses, then Palestine-Wheatley is 1, Hazen 2 and McCrory 3.

If Palestine-Wheatley and McCrory win, then a 3-way tie exists between Palestine-Wheatley (45 tiebreaker points), Hazen (73) and McCrory (65). In this situation, Hazen is the 1 seed, McCrory 2 and Palestine-Wheatley 3.

Des Arc and Clarendon will play for the 4/5 seeds.

2A-7 – Mount Ida has clinched the top seed. Foreman and Mountain Pine meet to settle the 2/3 seeds while Spring Hill plays Mineral Springs with the 4/5 seeds at stake.

2A-8 – The top 3 seeds are set – Camden Harmony Grove is the 1 seed, Rison 2 and Hampton 3. Bearden is the 4 seed with a win while Parkers Chapel is the 5 seed with a win or Strong loss to Bearden. If Strong beats Bearden and Parkers Chapel wins, then PC is 4th and Strong 5th.

If Strong wins and PC loses, then a 3-way tie exists between Strong (26 tiebreaker points), Bearden (28) and Parkers Chapel (34 points). In this scenario, Strong must win by 2 points or more to clinch the 5 seed with Parkers Chapel the 4 seed. If Strong wins by only 1 point, then Bearden is the 4 seed and Parkers Chapel 5th.

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