Pryor, Okla. at Bentonville West
CONSENSUS: West (6-2)

Chip Souza: Bentonville West
Rick Fires: Pryor (Okla.)
Scottie Bordelon: Bentonville West
Mike Capshaw: Bentonville West
Paul Boyd: Bentonville West
Graham Thomas: Bentonville West
Henry Apple: Bentonville West
Alex Nicoll: Pryor (Okla.)

Springdale Har-Ber at Fort Smith Southside
CONSENSUS: Har-Ber (8-0)

Fayetteville at Blue Springs (Mo.)
CONSENSUS: Fayetteville (7-1)

Chip Souza: Fayetteville
Rick Fires: Fayetteville
Scottie Bordelon: Fayetteville
Mike Capshaw: Blue Springs (Mo.)
Paul Boyd: Fayetteville
Graham Thomas: Fayetteville
Henry Apple: Fayetteville
Alex Nicoll: Fayetteville

Bentonville at Rockhurst (Mo.)
CONSENSUS: Bentonville (5-3)

Chip Souza: Bentonville
Rick Fires: Rockhurst (Mo.)
Scottie Bordelon: Rockhurst (Mo.)
Mike Capshaw: Bentonville
Paul Boyd: Bentonville
Graham Thomas: Bentonville
Henry Apple: Rockhurst (Mo.)
Alex Nicoll: Bentonville

Conway at Springdale High
CONSENSUS: Conway (5-3)

Chip Souza: Springdale
Rick Fires: Conway
Scottie Bordelon: Springdale
Mike Capshaw: Conway
Paul Boyd: Conway
Graham Thomas: Springdale
Henry Apple: Conway
Alex Nicoll: Conway

Rogers Heritage at Little Rock Central
CONSENSUS: Little Rock Central (6-2)

Chip Souza: LR Central
Rick Fires: Rogers Heritage
Scottie Bordelon: LR Central
Mike Capshaw: LR Central
Paul Boyd: LR Central
Graham Thomas: LR Central
Henry Apple: LR Central
Alex Nicoll: Rogers Heritage

Rogers High at Siloam Springs
CONSENSUS: Rogers High (8-0)

Pea Ridge at Booneville
CONSENSUS: Pea Ridge (8-0)

West Fork at Greenland
CONSENSUS: Greenland (8-0)

Elkins at Shiloh Christian
CONSENSUS: Shiloh Christian (8-0)

Gravette at Ozark
CONSENSUS: Ozark (5-3)

Chip Souza: Gravette
Rick Fires: Gravette
Scottie Bordelon: Ozark
Mike Capshaw: Ozark
Paul Boyd: Ozark
Graham Thomas: Ozark
Henry Apple: Ozark
Alex Nicoll: Gravette

Mansfield at Waldron
CONSENSUS: Waldron (7-1)

Chip Souza: Waldron
Rick Fires: Mansfield
Scottie Bordelon: Waldron
Mike Capshaw: Waldron
Paul Boyd: Waldron
Graham Thomas: Waldron
Henry Apple: Waldron
Alex Nicoll: Waldron

Michigan vs. Florida (in Arlington, Texas)
CONSENSUS: Michigan (7-1)

Chip Souza: Michigan
Rick Fires: Michigan
Scottie Bordelon: Michigan
Mike Capshaw: Florida
Paul Boyd: Michigan
Graham Thomas: Michigan
Henry Apple: Michigan
Alex Nicoll: Michigan

Florida State vs. Alabama (in Atlanta)
CONSENSUS: Alabama (8-0)

Texas A&M at UCLA

Chip Souza: Texas A&M
Rick Fires: UCLA
Scottie Bordelon: UCLA
Mike Capshaw: UCLA
Paul Boyd: UCLA
Graham Thomas: UCLA
Henry Apple: Texas A&M
Alex Nicoll: Texas A&M

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Scottie Bordelon

Scottie Bordelon is a sports reporter for NWA Media covering Springdale High and Springdale Har-Ber. He previously worked in Fort Smith, where his beat was Northside High School. He is a University of Arkansas graduate.
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