Tweets of the Week: W2.17

With national signing day just around the corner on Feb. 1, we’ve got several exciting recruiting-related tweets to get to, so we’re diving right into the other top tweets from the past week.

Besides, no one really reads all the usual jibber jabber blah blah blah that typically leads this thing off.

This week’s Tweet of the Week comes from Prairie Grove softball player Madison Brockman.

It’s simple, but simply perfection. Well, other than the minor grammatical hiccup. (Madison, because your thief is unknown, it should be “whomever.”)

But who (or is it whom?? smh) friggin’ cares. This is Twitter, not English 101 at PGHS. Any fan of “Slims” (aka as Slim Chickens) understands exactly where Madison is coming from with this tweet:

Madison Brockman - TOTW

Pea Ridge golf standout Chandler Tidwell gets the award for the funniest tweet with a image, although there was another from Springdale High with a picture that may not be suitable for young viewers.

If Tidwell’s tweet too difficult to read, someone dickered with the scoreboard before the Blackhawks’ game against Prairie Grove to read “Pea Ridge: 100 … Disney: 3” The “Disney,” for those few who don’t know, references Tigers superstar Isaac Disney.

Even Disney laughed at that one.

Chandler Tidwell

We did find a couple from Springdale High athletes that we could republish. Both came after the Red ‘Dogs’ boys team defeated Bentonville West.

Sarah Vogel

Isaiah Nichols - SHSDE

Huntsville’s Delanie Tipton gets the award for best use of social media to sell old formal dresses. We hope she found a few buyers.

Delanie Tipton - Best use of social media

Easily the winner for the best advice in 140 characters or less comes from Rogers High’s Seth Kupers. Seriously, these are words to live by when choosing friends.

Seth Kupers

Two of the best tweets about live events were both about the NFL playoffs.

Up first, Springdale Har-Ber’s Grant Allen giving a passing grade to fellow quarterback Aaron Rodgers:

Grant Allen - HBQB

Rodgers led the Green Bay Packers past the Dallas Cowboys with some late-game heroics, causing Farmington flame-thrower Tyler Gregg to post the best one-made-up-word tweet about his thoughts on the “Cowboys.”

Tyler Gregg

The best “HBD” tweet was from Bentonville West’s Stefan Banda to teammate Sabastian Caniglia. Banda included a funny picture of the duo stuffing their faces (and a shirtless shot, of course, for the ladies at BWHS and beyond) as well as his thoughts on the better team captain for football team this past season.

Stefan Banda - HBD

After reading the next tweet, it’s easy to see why Fayetteville High freshman Sasha Goforth is arguably the best prep basketballer in Northwest Arkansas, regardless of class. Great players typically have tons of love for the game.

Sasha Goforth

Shiloh Christian’s Lorenzo Lopez was pleased with himself for knocking off teammate Blake Thomson is a game of pool. Two hours and 10 games later, that mood was scratched:

Lorenzo Lopez 1

Lorenzo Lopez 2

We lead off the recruiting tweets with Lopez receiving his second scholarship offer:

Lorenzo Lopez - offer

Hayden Moehring - pledge

Isaac Disney - visit

Isaac Disney - pledge

Max Thurman - pledge

Taylor Powell - in-home

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