Tweets of the Week: W1.17

OK, so we took a break from our weekly Tweets of the Week feature during the holidays.

We missed you. Did you miss us?

We hope so. And judging by the handful of DMs we received about it, we’re certain at least a few of your holidays weren’t as cheerful without your weekly dose of tweets.

We’ve moved the feature from Mondays to Tuesdays. For no other reason, it’s because we have a ton of content posted on Mondays during this time of the year and didn’t want the most popular feature — disclaimer: we don’t have site analytics to back this up, but what could be more popular than this??? — to get lost in the Monday shuffle of stories.

Because we missed the past couple of weeks, we’re not just looking at tweets from the past week, but the past three. Well, sort of, we made Dec. 21 the cutoff. There were a ton of great tweets during that span, and we’re sure we missed some while we spent time with our families, so always feel free to DM or tag @NWACappy or use the hashtag #ARPreps with tweets you believe deserve consideration.

Also, our headline has been tweaked a bit. The “W1” stands for “Week 1” and the “17” is for the year 2017. In short, this is Week 1 of 2017 as far as our Tweets of the Week are concerned — because nothing else really matters.

Anyway, let’s get on with it.

The Tweet of the Week goes to Huntsville’s Ty Bohannan. He was one of the many who blew up Twitter during Monday’s BCS National Championship with tweets about referee Mike Defee, who displayed some serious guns while sporting a shirt that appeared to be a size or two too small. Bohannan pointed out how the “Bicep Ref” looked like Eagles’ football coach Randy Barnhill, a former college football player who’s equally ripped.


While we’re giving Bohannan love, he’s always spot-on with takes from most live events. Here’s one poking fun at Kentucky’s “One-and-Dones” during the ‘Cats-Hogs hoops game:


Barrett Banister beat everyone to the punch with this tweet in the wake of coach Bill Blankenship leaving Fayetteville High after guiding Banister and the rest of the Bulldogs to the 7A state championship:


Another live-event tweet that caught our attention came from Pea Ridge offensive coordinator Crosby Tuck, a former Razorbacks football player. He certainly knows what it like to hear negatives from fair weather “fans” when the Hogs aren’t doing so well, just like this one referencing quarterback Austin Allen:


Bentonville’s Jack Short nailed this one on Texans quarterback Brock Osweiler. It may be the funniest — and most fitting — tweet from the past week:


The biggest “awww, how cute!” moment came from Shiloh Christian athletic director and football coach Jeff Conaway. We love the No. 3 jersey with his/her sisters awaiting the arrival of the next young Saints player:


There were plenty of tweets about the winter weather in Northwest Arkansas that caused schools to be cancelled and games to be postponed. If your school was one of those called off, this early morning tweet by Har-Ber’s Tylor Perry may have summed up your feelings:


Another perfectly timed tweet came from Fayetteville High’s Hayes Cox, who’s part of Arkansas Tech’s Class of 2017 signing class for baseball:


Among the countless Christmas-related tweets, we loved this one from Pea Ridge’s Jakota Sainsbury, who’s a regular in the Tweets of the Week feature. Have we ever posted this feature without at least one from the Blackhawks’ baller?


The best comeback tweet comes from Fayetteville High’s Akial Byers. He will sign with Alabama and many Arkansas football fdans have cast doubts about the big defensive linemen because the Razorbacks never extended a scholarship offer his way:


Two of the better advice-to-live-by-type tweets come from Prairie Grove’s Ali Edgar and Springdale High’s Sarah Vogel:



Farmington’s Matt Wilson showed his character and humbleness with this tweet after he broke the school’s single-game scoring record with 49 points:


Another thing worth congratulating is Har-Ber linebacker Oliver Nasilai’s invite to the Under Armor All-American Camp:


We always love tweets with players showing love to their team and/or teammates, and here’s two from Pea Ridge’s Jennifer Anthony and Matt Thomas that were strong. Thomas is referring to the return of senior Weston Church:



Last, but certainly not least, social media has allowed us to follow many off-the-field happenings around Northwest Arkansas. One such instance has been the rehabilitation process of Springdale High quarterback Layne Hutchins:


There were plenty of recruiting-related tweets, especially from Fayetteville High’s Coulter brothers. Here’s a look at the ones we noticed:










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