Tweets of the Week: Stumbaugh sisters sizzle

Sibling shenanigans is the topic of this week’s Tweet of the Week. Springdale Har-Ber’s do-everything track athlete Olivia Stumbaugh celebrated National Siblings Day by sharing a video of big sis Payton Stumbaugh, a four-time All-American sprinter at the University of Arkansas, apparently attacking her screaming lil’ sis with bacon grease.

Hopefully, it wasn’t hot outta the fryin’ pan. On a side note, research has shown bacon grease, when used as a perfume, may help attract boys:


Elkins linemen Zach Hood created a GoFundMe campaign to help him buy a new car after apparently crashing his truck. It was an ingenious idea, but hadn’t attracted any donations as of this posting. C’mon people. Zach’s heading off to defend our country and, not to mention, put out an entertaining tweet:

Here’s a look at other top tweets and made-up awards to go with them:

Best Colten Vaught Tweets (He tweets so many good ones, we’ve created a special category)

Top ‘For The Love of the Game’ Tweet

Top ‘Don’t Sleep On …’ Tweet

Best ‘Say Whaaat?!?’ Tweet

Best Teaser

Best Social Media Tip

Best Life Tip

Best Tweet About Recruiting Services Over-hyping Every Player

Top Tweet About Tulsa Stupidly Firing Fayetteville native Sean Sutton

Best Foodie Tweet Not Involving Bacon Grease

Here’s a look at all the recruiting-related tweets from the past week:

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