Tweets of the Week: Sainsbury’s Back, Back Again

After a few weeks away from the Tweet of the Week spotlight, Pea Ridge’s Jakota Sainsbury has returned with a bullet.

Sainsbury was a regular tweet of the week winner back when he was throwing touchdown passes for the Blackhawks’ 4A state runner-up football team. He even became the first back-to-back tweet of the week winner back on Dec. 12. did make a few appearances here and there throughout basketball season, but the junior hadn’t put out any tweets β€” that caught our eye anyway β€” that were worthy of the top spot.

He doesn’t play basketball, so perhaps that was his offseason. Now that he’s playing again for the 4A-1 Conference tourney champion baseball team, Sainsbury appears to have gotten his tweet groove back β€” at least with the one below. Perhaps, on-field competition is what fired up Sainsbury’s “creatweetvity.”

Anytime a player can flip the script on a coach by getting the coach to sprint and sweat, it’s a remarkable feat. Anytime that player also gets a video and lives to tweet about it, it’s an easy choice for the Tweet of the Week.

Welcome back, Mr. Sainsbury:

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