Tweets of the Week: Hairless Hutchins takes top honor

Springdale High quarterback Layne Hutchins is a regular in the Tweets of the Week feature.

But his recent tweet after a horrible haircut by teammate Isaiah Nichols is our Tweet of the Week because it was funny and cost Hutchins any semblance of a decent do for the next few weeks.

Here are the honorable mentions tweets featuring made-up awards:

Best โ€œOhhh babbyy!โ€ Tweet

Best “It’s okayyy babbbyyy” Tweet

Top Tweet During Snow Storm

Best Tweet During Thunder Storm

Top Teammate Tweet

Top Tweet to Injured Teammate

Top Tweet by Injured Player

Best Season-Ending Tweet

Nastiest Block in a Intramural Game Tweet

Top Tweet by a Coach After Season-Ending Loss

Top Tweet by a Coach Actually Using Emoji Correctly

Best Tweet of Text From Parent

Second Best Tweet of Text From Parent

Best Selfie With Trophy

Best โ€œHBDโ€ Tweet (the pic of Lorenzo brushing his teeth tipped the scales)

Recruiting Tweets

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