Tweets of the Week 1.31.17

Also known as “National Signing Day,” Wednesday marks the beginning of the week-long national signing period. That’s crowded Twitter timelines more than usual with visits, offers and pledges for the past few weeks.

We’ll get to all of those in a bit.

But first, the Tweet of the Week comes from Prairie Grove junior softball player Ali Edgar. She’s been a regular with her witty tweets, but this one was extra funny — especially because she’s tweeting about a teacher named “Mileham.” That may be Tigers baseball coach Chris Mileham, which makes the exchange even more comical:

Ali Edgar

The next one is a little recruiting related. It came from Fayetteville receiver Cody Gray and was in response to teammate Brennon Lewis, who had chosen to continue his career at the University of Memphis.

Gray is the one running with the ball.

Lewis is the one on the ground.

Cody Gray TOTW

Pea Ridge baseball/football player Garrett King may be the first to make our Tweets of the Week without tweeting an actual word. The picture is a recreation of the movie “Field of Dreams” and includes images of recently departed Major League Baseball players Oscar Tavares, Yordano Ventura and Jose Fernandez:

Garrett King

Shiloh Christian senior Ben Moore had a nice tweet to classmate Lorenzo Lopez. The duo actually are fairly decent dancers:

Ben Moore

Another great tweet with a picture came from Farmington freshman Madisyn Pense. If only we all had a picture of ourselves to post when our mood actually matched Madisyn’s on this day:

Madisyn Pense

Rogers High super jumper Jake Benninghoff used a photo to prove how strong his performance was during a track meet at the University of Kansas over the weekend:

Jake Benninghoff

Here’s an interesting shot from Rogers Heritage coach Tony Travis with former Arkansas Razorbacks head coach Ken Hatfield and recently promoted Hogs defensive coordinator Paul Rhoads:

Tony Travis

Typically, tweets from our reporters are not eligible for Tweets of the Week (no matter how much they beg), but this one is a response from Huntsville basketball player Ty Bohannon to a tweet from our own Henry Apple.

For those who don’t know, Eagles girls coach Charles Berry has been coaching so long that he was one of the sport’s original founders along with James Naismith:

Ty Bohannon

Now, let’s check out recruiting-related tweets from the past week:

Barrett Banister - visit

Barrett Banister - pledge

Ben Hicks - pledge

Blake Coulter - offer

Blake Coulter - offer2

Blake Coulter - offer3

Brennon Lewis - pledge

Brennon Lewis - visit

Colten Vaught - pledge

Denton Foster - pledge

Jayden Minchew

Joe Britton - offer

Kester - offer

Kyle Guthrie - visit

Ryan Snyder - pledge

Trey Coulter - offer

Trey Coulter - offer2

Trey Smith - pledge

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