Shiloh’s Enos wrecks Tweets of the Week

Shiloh Christian’s Lia Enos lived a sophomore experience most enjoy: Getting a driver’s license.

However, Enos’ enjoyment quickly came crashing down when her first day driving resulted in her first automobile accident. For her hard-luck, bittersweet day โ€” and for sharing it on social media โ€” Enos earned’s Tweet of the Week honors:

Elkins’ Colten Vaught, who’s always an entertaining person to follow on Twitter, had two tweets worthy of runner-up honors:

Now, onto the rest of this week’s made-up awards.

Top Tweet With Miss America

Most Romantic Tweet By Coach To His Wife To Include a Self-Deprecating Dig About a Turtleneck

Top Tweet From Player to Parent

Best HBD Tweet Between Regular-Season Rivals Turned Travel Ball Teammates

Realist Tweet About The NBA

Realist Tweet About The NCAA

Realist Tweet About Former NFL Practice Squad Player

Best Non-NWADG Tweet Plugging The NWADG

Best Post-Win Tweet

Best Postseason Tweet

Recruiting-Related Tweets

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