Rogers Heritage cross country preview

ROGERS — Jeff Shaw loves one thing he sees with his boys’ team and that’s not just more runners, but better quality as well.<br><br>

The War Eagles return everyone who ran in last year’s Class 7A state meet except one, which is a great place to start. But other have improved over the summer and will push those returners, Shaw said.<br><br>

“We may have 12 to 15 boys fighting for those nine spots,” Shaw said. “We’ve never had that. We’ve  usually had two or three and fill in with everybody else. Any of those guys by the end of the year could be up there fighting in that top five and that’s nice. They are all pushing each other in practice.”<br><br>

“They are all young, too, really. A few juniors, some sophomores and  even a couple freshmen, who could be in there now if we wanted to move them.”<br><br>

Juniors Jake Edwards, Jake Youngs and Aiden Cantele are among the top group.  Sophomore Andy Avila didn’t run a year ago, but is back and should be a contender. Shane Alder is returner, while Nick Zondlak is also playing tennis, but could also push for that top group, Shaw said.<br><br>

Brian Pardo is a soccer player, who has come out for cross country and has impressed. Freshmen Lawson Douglas could run with the top varsity group, but will likely come up late in the season. Sophomore Christian Campos could also be a difference-maker. Luis Merlos is the lone senior that could crack that top group. <br><br>

Rogers Heritage Lady War Eagles

The girls team is the exact opposite of the boys with not much depth at all.<br><br>

“We didn’t get the soccer girls we thought we were going to get,” Shaw said.<br><br>

Freshman Hailey Day will run varsity  and likely be Heritage’s top runner, Shaw said. Junior Kaitlyn Craft should be among the top group, but Grace Brackett was lost for a while to a stress fracture. But sophomore Cathy Munos has run well in practice. Maddi Fourt, a freshman, could also move up to run on the varsity team.<br><br>

“We’ve got a couple that are new to the program that watching them run, they’ve got some possibilities,” Shaw said. “They are freshmen, but long-term they could do some stuff.”<br><br>


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