Red Dog Q&A: Salvador Sandoval

Springdale senior receiver Salvador Sandoval.

Springdale senior receiver Salvador Sandoval has burst onto the scene this year after limited playing time as a junior.

Sandoval leads the 7A-West with 803 yards and six touchdowns on 46 catches. No other receiver in the league has more than 500 yards. He has surpassed 100 receiving yards in five of seven Springdale games this fall.

Check out Thursday’s Northwest Arkansas Newspapers for a feature on Sandoval.

Is there a receiver you like to watch or pattern your game after?

Calvin (Johnson).

Who has been the toughest corner you’ve played against this year?

Justin Setser from Har-Ber.

Catching a screen pass, making some moves and taking it 50 yards for a touchdown or beating a corner on a go route for a touchdown?

I’d rather do the screen, because it looks better passing everybody.

Cardio or weightlifting?

Cardio. It’s easier for me. I’m a lazy person. I feel like I don’t like to do a lot of stuff. I find it easier.

Cats or dogs?


Read a book, watch a movie or listen to music?

Watch a movie.

Anything in particular you’ve seen lately that’s been good?

Lately I watched The Blindside. And Annabelle.

Was it scary? I still haven’t seen it.

At some points it was a little scary, but it wasn’t as scary as I thought it was going to be.

Trip to the beach or ski trip?

Trip to the beach.

Favorite musical artist?

Wiz Khalifa.

Christmas is coming up, what do you want from your parents?

Probably a car.

That’d be a big present. Anything specific?

Just a decent car, at least. Probably like an Eclipse, an Acura or something.

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