New Proposals Await Schools’ Vote

The following is a list of proposals that school representatives will vote on during the Arkansas Activities Association’s annual meeting with the governing body, which will be held next month in Little Rock.

Proposal No. 1 — If passed, swimming would be split into three classifications: 7A, 6A and remaining schools, effective next season.
This proposal has Mountain Home written all over it. It came from Activity District 1-East and claims that Class 6A schools have “no chance at success at the state level whatsoever” because it competes against 7A schools.
The AAA board of directors recommend “Do Not Pass” by a 12-5 margin, saying there isn’t schools participating in swimming to warrant a third classification. The proposal will need two-thirds majority vote from the 59 schools that participate in swimming to pass.

Proposal No. 2 — If passed, it would prohibit the usage of noisemakers that require an external power source at benefit games, regular season events and postseason events.
This one comes directly from the Board of Directors, which recommended “Do Pass” by a 17-0 vote. All schools are eligible to vote, and this one can be passed with a simple majority vote.

Proposal No. 3 — If passed, eighth-grade students in their second semester and ninth-grade students in their first semester must meet the academic requirements of junior high by passing four academic classes the previous semester.
This one also came from the Board of Directors and carries the “Do Pass” recommendation by a 17-0 vote. It can be passed with a simple majority vote among all schools.

Proposal No. 4 — If passed, golf teams will be allowed to start six of their 12 regular-season matches before 3:30 p.m. on a school day, effective immediately.
High school golf teams have been limited to nine-hole matches during the regular season, then play an 18-hole round during the state tournament. This proposal will allow those teams to adjust to a full 18-hole match, and has a “do pass” recommendation by the AAA board of directors.

Proposal No. 5 — If passed, football teams will be allowed to schedule four consecutive weeks to hold spring practices.
Teams will still be limited to 2-hour practices each day and only 10 days for full contact drills, with no full-contract drills held on consecutive days. This will allow flexible scheduling because of spring sports and other spring school activities.
All football playing schools can vote, and the AAA board of directors have recommended “do pass” by a 17-0 vote.

Proposal No. 6 — If passed, junior varsity volleyball teams can enter invitational tournaments as replacement teams, effective next season.
This will allow tournaments to fill spots when an invited school drops out or can’t attend the tournament. The JV team must come from the host school or one of the other teams participating in the tournament, and the games will not count on the varsity team’s schedule.
The AAA board of directors gives it a “do pass” recommendation by a 16-1 vote.

Proposal No. 7 — If passed, junior varsity basketball teams can enter invitational tournaments as replacement teams, effective next season.
This proposal works the same way as the one for volleyball. The AAA board of directors gives it a “do pass” recommendation by a 16-1 vote.

Proposal No. 8 — If passed, overtime will be allowed during nonconference football games in order to break a tie, effective this season.
In all honesty, why is this even being considered? Nonconference games have no bearing on conference standings or the state playoffs, so what’s wrong with a tie game?
The AAA board, however, gives this a “do pass” recommendation by a 16-1 vote.

Proposal No. 9 — If passed, 7-on-7 football tournaments that were scheduled after the end of school, but are affected by an extended calendar because of inclement weather, can be held under certain restrictions.
The reason for this proposal is schools claim this a major fundraising event. The AAA board, however, gave this proposal a “do not pass” recommendation by a 17-0 vote.

Proposal No. 10 — If passed, Class 6A and 7A schools will send six teams to the football playoffs, beginning with the 2016 season.
Interestingly, that is the same number of teams they send right now. However, that number was cut to four when Proposal No. 4 was passed during last year’s meeting of the governing body.
The proposal’s purpose states that this will allow all football finals to end in December. Otherwise, the 6A and 7A finals will be held Thanksgiving weekend, will go against college football rivalry weekend and give those schools a maximum of 13 games while others have a maximum of 14 games (Class 5A) or 15 games (other schools).
The AAA board has recommended “Do Not Pass” by a 17-0 vote.

More information on the proposals can be found at

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