Hux’s Fanny Packs Tweet of the Week Punch

We’re venturing into uncharted territory in this round of’s Tweets of the Week.

In the past, only players and coaches from high schools in Northwest Arkansas were eligible for tweets of the week. However, because a player’s piece of game gear has taken on a persona so strong, we’ve decided that equipment — technically — is part of the team, too.

Fanny pack lives matter, in this case.

Fayetteville sophomore kicker Huxley Richardson’s fanny pack is less than a week old in Twitter years, but it’s mature beyond its years in terms of posting clever tweets.

Just take your pick from any of these that are deserving of Tweet of the Week glory:

Speaking of new territories, we’ve created a new place to house all of Pea Ridge quarterback Jakota Sainsbury’s brilliant tweets. He’s a walking Tweet of the Week. We imagine Jakota sitting in class scribbling away ideas for tweets and occasionally making those around him wonder what he’s laughing about.

It’s his own tweets. He could win the award most every week, but that wouldn’t be fun or fair to everyone else.

If you’re not already, go give Jakota a follow, or just visit the new territory here that we’ll simply call: South Jakota

Funniest Tweet of the Week
MaKayla Watkins, Huntsville

Best Use of Twitter to Make Someone Kiss a Pig
Mason Hutchins, Springdale High

Top Tom Petty Tweet
Bill Harrelson, Gravette

Best Happy Birthday Tweet
Makenna Vanzant, Farmington

Best Post-Loss Tweet
Von Lacy, Springdale High

Best Tweet Between Rivals
Chris Childress, Gravette

Top Trash Talk Between Rivals</strong>
Emmanuel Onyebueke, Bentonville West

Top Non-Trash Talk Tweet
Stefan Banda, Bentonville West

Best Display of Special Bond
Greg White, Bentonville West coach

Best Display of Giving Back
Jasmine Franklin, Fayetteville


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