Fayetteville’s Coulters win Tweet of the Week

This week, we’re taking a little different approach by giving fictitious (aka make believe) awards for each of the tweets that we highlight.

Of course, we’re begin as we always do with the ARPreps.com Tweet of the Week, which also could have won the award for the “Best HBD tweet” if it hadn’t been filled with so much irony. (Note for readers over 40: “HBD” stands for Happy Birthday)

Fayetteville’s Blake Coulter sent the tweet to his sister, Kylee Coulter. The irony is in the sad fact that Kylee β€” a University of Nebraska-Omaha basketball signee β€”Β underwent knee surgery on Tuesday. Also, that’s twin brother, Trey Coulter, in the pictures. Trey and Blake signed football scholarships with Arkansas Tech, making the Coulters one of the more talented families in Northwest Arkansas and beyond.

They’re also Champion tweeters:

We hope surgery went well.

We’ll kick off the rest of our fake awards with several other solid “HBD” tweets from the past week.

Best HBD Tweet Between Teammates:

Best HBD Tweet Between Fayettevillians Not Named Coulter:

Best HBD Tweet between β€” Bentonvillians?

Best Valentine’s Day Tweet:

Best Idea For A Way To Pay Parents Back For Putting Up With Your Crap For 18 Years Tweet:

Best Tweet That Included a Rhyme, a Suit, Pajamas and a Trophy:

Best Tweet From a Coaching Son to a Coaching Father That Should Have Been Saved For Father’s Day:

Best Tweet About How Goofy Firewalls At School Actually Prevent Higher Learning:

Best Tweet of a Dunk:

Lastly, let’s take a look at this week’s batch of recruiting-related tweets. No awards needed for these. Scholarships should be more than enough:

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