Fayetteville caper earns Tweet of Week

Anytime a player can get one over on their coach, it’s worth an extra laugh.

Fayetteville sophomore hoops standout Sasha Goforth showed that she and teammates Jasmine Franklin and Coriah Beck have brains to go along with basketball ability by posing for photos in order to steal a breather during a workout for coach Vic Rimmer.

Sure many athletes have cut through yards on distance runs through neighborhoods or done other nefarious things behind coaches’ backs to lighten their workout load, but this may be the first time technology was used so brilliantly to do so.

Pushing this tweet over the top of the others was that they made sure to include a picture of coach Rimmer, which surely helped their cause when he discovered the caper.

Tweet of the Week

Sasha Goforth, Fayetteville

For those new to this feature, only high school athletes β€” and sometimes coaches, if/when they’re clever β€” are considered. We honor a tweet of the week while also highlighting a few others that caught our eye with fake awards.

Here’s the best of the rest, including one from unofficial Tweet King Jakota Sainsbury, the Pea Ridge quarterback who has posted more tweets of the week than anyone and continues to bring the heat.

Long may he reign.

Tweet of the Week Runner-Up

Jakota Sainsbury, Pea Ridge

Wisest Tweet After Rushing for 254 yards and 5 touchdowns

Austin O’Brien, Gravette

Top “Don’t Call Us Soft” Tweet

Andrew Bartgis, Bentonville High

Top Tweet by Player on 1-3 Team

Cody Gray, Fayetteville

Best Non-Mother’s Day Tweet About Mom

Lia Enos, Shiloh Christian

Best Show of Support for Another Sport

Trey Kitterman, Rogers Heritage

Biggest Recruiting Mic-Drop

Dotson Schaefer, Fayetteville

Best Use of a GIF

Jarrod Remer, Cedarville assistant

Best Use of Social Media for Soliciting Money

MaKayla Watkins, Huntsville basketball

Best Tweet by Someone Covered in Blue Dust

Mikey Mahoney, Pea Ridge

And each week, we’ll post some newsy type stuff from the recruiting world because, even though many are not Division I prospects, they’re still deserving of some extra attention.


Did we miss any? Surely, we did. Please send direct messages (aka DMs) to @NWACappy or simply tag him with a tweet for consideration.

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