Tweets of the Week Oct. 24-30

We’re only scratching the surface of the best tweets from NWA players and coaches, so please help us help make this even better by tagging @NWACappy with the next great tweet you see from one of your friends or coaches.

We thank players like Springdale quarterback Layne Hutchins for his support, and are biased in choosing this as the Tweet of the Week:


We love tweets like this one from Pea Ridge quarterback Jakota Sainsbury, even if it actually appeared in our sister paper, the Pea Ridge Times. Jakota always has wonderful tweets every week, but we can’t give the Tweet of the Week to him a second straight, or should we?

This a pure gold:


And more from Pea Ridge, star receiver Hayden Holtgrewe posing with a sign and a fan, the kind of tweets we like the best:


Rogers High’s Jake Benninghoff in a multi-sport athlete. Congrats to the state champ on this invite. He certainly is soaring to even greater heights:


Fayetteville’s Blank Coulter, summing up what every DB in the 7A-West has been feeling with the loss of Springdale’s Kyler Williams:


Prairie Grove defensive end/tight end Sol Walker showing his feeling for the Bobcats after another PG blowout win. Who can stop the Tigers?


We like seeing NWADG watermark photos, and Bentonville West receiver Stefan Banda does resemble the Wolverines tailback:


Pea Ridge guard Matt Thomas is correct: video games do make a great date. Wonder if he let her win?


Bentonville West quarterback Will Jarrett not only had a great game, but cracked on teammate Emmanuel Onyebuke with this one:


Onyebuke, a junior, after the Wolverines’ win against Rogers:


Fayetteville defeated Har-Ber to repeat as 7A volleyball champions:


From Huntsville volleyball coach Angie Baker, whose Eagles enjoyed a surprise cheering section during the semifinals at regionals when Shiloh Christian stayed on to support after the Saints’ were eliminated by Brookland in the quarterfinals.

Pretty awesome to see love between league foes like this:


Yes, Springdale’s Sarah Vogel. Basketball already is upon us, too:


Lots of great news this week from our athletes updating their recruiting. We love seeing NWA’s best getting recognized. There are the ones that caught our attention. Please let us know what tweets we missed, especially about recruiting:





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