7A Spring Standings (through May 5)

The regular season for baseball and softball is done (as are the seeds). Though there are only a handful of makeup games for soccer on Monday, all seemingly play a role in playoffs in both the 7A-Central and 7A-West.


2017-05-06 7A Baseball Standings

            7A-CENTRAL – Cabot is the one seed. Though Bryant and North Little Rock lost, NLR gets the 2 seed and first-round bye while Bryant is the 3 seed via head-to-head tiebreaker (split, NLR won by 5+, Bryant by 4). Conway is the four seed, Catholic 5 and Southside beat Northside to claim the sixth seed via tiebreak (split, NHS won by 1, SHS won by 5+).

7A-WEST – The top 2 seeds are set as Fayetteville (1 seed) and Bentonville (2 seed) each have first-round byes. Har-Ber is the 3 seed, Van Buren 4th, Rogers 5th and Springdale 6th.


2017-05-06 7A softball standings

            7A-CENTRAL – Bryant (1st) and Cabot (2nd) are the top 2 seeds with 1st round byes. Cabot is 2 (thanks to owning the tiebreaker over NLR), North Little Rock 3. Conway is the 4 seed, Northside is fifth (thanks to its win Friday over Southside) while Southside is sixth.

7A-WEST – Bentonville (1 seed) and Rogers (2 seed) are the top 2 seeds. Van Buren beat Bentonville West to grab the 3 seed while Rogers Heritage is the fourth seed thanks to a tiebreaker over Bentonville West (split, Heritage won by 5+, West won by 2). West is the five seed while Springdale Har-Ber is the sixth seed.


2017-05-06 7A Soccer Standings


            7A-CENTRAL – Northside (1) and LR Catholic (2) are the top 2 seeds. Bryant is the third seed and Conway is the fourth.

Southside (5-8) plays North Little Rock in a makeup game on Monday. If Southside win, the Mavs are the fifth seed and LR Central (5-9) is the sixth seed. If Southside loses, then the Mavs are tied with Central for the 5-6 seeds. Right now, the teams split during regular season, each team winning by a goal. Both also have 8 win-margin/AAA tiebreaker points (margin of win points with a max of 3), so if that number is accurate, a coin flip would decide the 5-6 seeds if Southside loses.

7A-WEST – Springdale Har-Ber is the 1 seed. The No. 2 seed, however, is still up for grabs.

Rogers clinches the 2 seed with a win over Fayetteville. In that scenario, Springdale is the third seed and Heritage fourth (no matter what happens in its match with Van Buren and Springdale owns the tiebreaker).

However, a Rogers loss forces a tie with Springdale, and then add a Rogers Heritage win over Van Buren makes it a 3-way tie at 10-4. It is not a perfect triangle as Rogers swept Heritage, eliminating the War Eagles. Springdale and Rogers split, each winning by 3 goals or more. In that scenario, Springdale would get the 2 seed (because its has 26 tiebreaker points to Rogers 24), Rogers would be third and Heritage fourth.

Bentonville is the fifth seed. The sixth seed is still unknown as Fayetteville (2-11), Van Buren (2-11) and Bentonville West are still in play for the seed.

The easiest way for the final seed is for either Fayetteville or Van Buren to win their makeups on Monday. If both win, then Fayetteville gets the seed as it owns the head-to-head tiebreaker (FHS won by 3 goals, VB by 1 on PKs).

However, if both loses, then a 3-way tie for sixth exists between Fayetteville, Van Buren and Bentonville West. All three teams split with each other, so then the top two teams by win margin are Fayetteville and West (eliminating Van Buren). Next will be head to head (Fayetteville won 1-0, West won 1-1, 5-3 on PKs).


7A-CENTRAL – Cabot is the top seed with a bye. Mount St. Mary is the 2 seed because it owns the tiebreakers over both Southside and Central. Central is the third seed because it owns the tiebreaker over Southside, which is the fourth seed. Bryant beat Conway so the Lady Hornets are the five seed and Lady Wampus Cats are sixth.

Right now, Mount St. Mary (9-5) and Little Rock Central (9-5) are tied for second with FS Southside (8-5) with a makeup against North Little Rock.

Here are how the 2-3-4 seeds play out.

  • If Southside loses, then the Mavs are the four seed while Mount St. Mary is the 2 seed with a bye and Central the third seed (Mount and Central split, Mount won by 3 and Central won by 1).
  • If Southside wins, then a 3-way tie exists with a perfect triangle, so AAA points will be used to determine what two teams will decide the second seed. As of Friday night, Mount has 19 win-margin points, Central 16 and Southside 15. If Southside wins by two goals or more, it leaps over Central to face Mount on head to head. Mount and Southside split, each winning by 2 goals. The next tiebreaker is win-margin points (aka AAA Tiebreaker) and Mount has 19 and the most Southside can get is 18. Mount is the 2 seed. For the 3 seed, the same head-to-head tiebreaker is used to determine Southside and Central. The teams split, Southside won by 1 and Central by 3+ goals. Central is the third seed and Southside fourth.
  • If Southside won by 1 goal, Mount would be a 19, Southside and Central tied at 16. Central wins the tiebreaker, but Mount is still the 2 seed because of the tiebreaker mentioned above. Central is the third seed and Southside fourth.

7A-WEST – Bentonville (1) and Fayetteville (2) are the top seed with byes. Har-Ber is the third seed and Rogers fourth. Springdale (5-9) and Heritage (4-9) are in, but it is not yet determined who is the fifth and sixth seeds. Heritage has a makeup with Van Buren on Monday. A Heritage win forces a tie with Springdale, But Heritage wins the tiebreaker because of a season sweep. A Heritage loss to Van Buren moves Springdale to fifth and drops Heritage to sixth.


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